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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
11:21 am
Some assembly still required...
...but overall, the new Cutlass is coming along nicely. The "primary hull" is done, now it's mostly a matter of tweaking textures and adding details to the club area until I either hit my self-imposed prim budget, or lose my marbles from trying to get textures on curved prim surfaces to line up with each other. :-)

I bought us a new "weekly-event" board last night, to replace the old one; not only does this one look nicer, it has a hell of a lot less script impact on the sim; the old board had 56(!) scripts in it, while this one has only two! The same vendor also has a Shoutcast DJ board which has both a lower prim count and lower script impact than the current SHX board; I'm wondering if I should buy that. I'm not sure of the ramifications of that, though, as far as setting up DJs and making it so that more than one of us can administrate the board, so I'll want to see if I can grab it's manual from the vendor, then chat with Shockwave and Jaxx about it, before doing anything.

I do have to say, though, I was getting a mite irritated last night with the way people kept popping into the place while I was working on it. Apparently, Rita has been taking people up there already. Dang it, the reason I started construction at 900m in the air was so that we wouldn't have people wandering through, poking scripted objects while I'm still modifying the script, sitting on things that aren't in position yet, and generally kibitzing while we're trying to work!

Seriously, guys, it's a construction zone; something might fall on your head if you're wandering around unsupervised. :-)

Rita seems to think that it's a bit closed-in on the club level, although I'm not sure why, seeing as how the walls surrounding the club area are about half the height of the current "Aztec Temple" layout! Still, I'm gonna see if I can accommodate her by experimenting with the design a bit more; maybe I can elevate that level some and change the shape of the surrounding wall to open it up a bit.

She also said Dusk is already asking where the fishing area is going to go. My response is that it can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned; it doesn't bring people to the club for events, so I don't see why we should subsidize it. If Dusk wants to run public fishing contests, let her rent one of those unrented water-side parcels on Space and pay for it herself, says I. :-P

*sigh* A vixen's work is never done...
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
10:35 am
Bring in the Vogon Constructor Fleet!
So, as some of you already know, Rita is having to downsize the Sunweavers group by selling the "Sunweaver Air" sim -- which, unfortunately, is the sim which our group's official club, Cutlass, currently sits on, so Cutlass has to move across the water to the neighboring "Sunweaver Space" sim. Since Space doesn't have enough... well, space (sorry!) to support the existing club, which is not only fairly large but horrifically prim-heavy, the new Cutlass is going to have to be completely rebuilt and downsized to fit the available square-meterage and prim capacity.

(Of course, if push comes to shove, we could alleviate the latter by prim-farming a couple of those water parcels no one ever seems to want, but I don't want Rita to have to take any more parcels out of the rental pool than absolutely necessary.)

Fortunately, I have a plan. :-) I've had an idea which I've been kicking around with Shockwave for a while now; it's a radical redesign from the current building, but I think it'll look cool.

Shockwave liked the (admittedly somewhat incomplete) 1:10 scale prototype I showed him last night; so, after he went to bed, I put on my construction-worker overalls (virtual sawdust in your fur itches something fierce!) and went to work expanding the prototype to full size, tweaking positions and prim-cuts to get the "outer hull" prims (mostly) in place.

This morning, between breakfast and going to work, I hammered on it a bit more, experimenting with some different arrangements of stairs and upper/lower level divisions to see how they work out. Tonight, I'm gonna start experimenting with interior floors and walls. Ideally, I'd like to arrange it so that when people teleport to the club, they arrive in a "landing bay" which at least makes them see that there's a lower level, with a mall, before they go upstairs to the open-air club level -- but I want to do it in a way that doesn't force people's cameras to travel through walls and floors when they walk around, either.

(If you've ever wondered why everyone builds their SL houses with fifteen-foot ceilings, the viewer's stupid default camera position has a lot to do with it; a normal ceiling height would result in your camera being stuck in the floor above you!)

Oh, and Shockwave, if you go in-world before I get home tonight, rest assured that the current arrangement of floors and such is not my final design! That's just how far I got with experimenting around before I had to log off and go to work. :-)
Friday, April 22nd, 2011
10:31 am
The Saturday night "Easter Bunneh" event..n
...at Cutlass will be DJ'ed by yours truly. :) Pass the word...
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
2:30 pm
This story is all over the blogs today so apologies if you've seen it before, just thought I'd share.
A 6 year old boy missed his school bus, and slipped away from his mother who was distracted by his 4 year old brother, stole the family car and drive over 10 miles before swerving and crashing, apparently driving quite fast. I gotta say, I'm impressed with how far he got before loosing control and side-hugging a telephone pole. This kid will be president someday.

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
11:44 am
Office Archetypes
How many can you think of?

#1. The Door Hoverer: They congregate and stand in the various doorways around the office, blocking access to the rooms obliviously while they prattle on about the latest gossip. Most often found in pairs blocking access to the office kitchen or leaning into the cave dwellers office, blocking all routes of escape for the casual chatter guy.

#2. The Cave Dweller: Rarely seen outside of his office, whether it's a cubicle or traditional office. Always intensely working on something of importance like posting to his LJ, with a boss-key rigged up on his system to instantly hide the evidence and bring up the companies second most important document of the moment. Often visited by casual chatter guy and Door Hoverer. Note: Only Door Hoverer makes Cave Dweller feel the need to escape.

#3. Casual Chatter Guy: Walks into your office or cube at random, takes any available chair (or stands and goes through your bookshelf) and prattles on about whatever common interest you may share. Most commonly descends into Cave Dwellers office because no one else stays put long enough for a conversation. Not to be confused with the Golfer.

#4. Golfer: During any conversation or meeting, if standing, will tee up and practice his swing with imaginary golfing implements in a 3 to 5 minute interval. Easily confused with Casual Chatter Guy when sitting. Often unable to locate.

#5. The Seagull: Swoops in, craps all over everything and swoops out. Often found in middle management.

#6. Mr. Gullible: Buys into everything they hear, can often be found answering spam emails at their desk. Detests Casual Chatter Guy, sells super flight glow in the dark Amway golf balls to Golfer. Has more pyramid schemes on his desk than actual work. Fully believes a tiny piece of plastic with a sliver of tin inside will shield him from harmful EMF radiation, attempts to sell you discount electricity.

#7. NRA Guy: Field strips an AR15 at his desk when things get slow. Often difficult to find, easily confused with Golfer for this reason. Distinct scent of Hopes gun oil present in office.

#8. The Mouse: The Mouse behaves much like Cave Dweller and is rarely seen, however appears to magically zip from one office to the next undetected. Often found pilfering NRA Guy's and Golfer's desks for supplies. Leaves mess in kitchen. Never speaks to anyone.

Hmm.. Ok, let's see if this will grow ;)
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
9:06 am
Halloween Maze
Due to time constraints, this year's maze will be scaled back slightly. It will still be bigger and more fun than last year's, but the multi-level maze will need to wait until next year. So this year, instead of the Black Pyramid, we'll be exploring the Green Pyramid. This will be my big thrust for the next couple of weeks so don't be put out if I'm out of contact for awhile. I'm putting in something that, as far as I know, has never been done in all of SL. creating it will require a painstakingly hand generated notecard over 8K long however.

Green Pyramid Halloween Maze will be in Sunshine Sea, hopefully the beginning of October. Tell your friends because this'll be a blast when I'm done.
Friday, August 8th, 2008
11:08 am
star wars dice

Examining and testing the star wars dice to see if we'll have problems with it shutting down in the middle of the game.

The excellent code provided by Windy (and I still don't understand how you came up with the parameters to tie onto the URL - teach me the trick sometime) fetchs 250 random numbers from a website devoted to making them. This is vastly superior to the random generator in SL. The days of 3 consecutive botchs should be over. As those of you in the last game remember, the SL random generator makes for some _interesting_ sequences. So the new dice should be much more random and reliable.

Each fetch takes 896 bits from the daily quota of 1,000,000 bits. And the quota is per IP address, meaning the server SunnyBeach is on is limited to 1M bits a day. We are not sharing the quota with all of SL, only with anyone else using the same service in SunnyBeach. I cannot imagine such a case as it's a private island.

So assuming an average number of die to be 4, we can have over 64K die rolls per game without exceeding our budget. And the budget gets completely refilled every 5 days.

We aren't going to run out of random numbers with our new dice :)

I have a new rev for it though - rev12. I disabled a buffer blowup protect code and I want to turn it back on again. Windy and I very rapidly did this after the last game and I turned off some protection loops to get things working.

Thanks Windy! Now how did you determine how to create the URL string? I understand what it is and how it works - I'd like to know how to get such so I can play with other websites :)
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
1:11 pm
Ok, I found a couple movies fitting for Feral.  So, Tomorrow night, starting at 6SLT will be The Gods Must Be Crazy, followed by The Gods Must Be Crazy II ;) Two of the greatest spoof documentaries of all time!

Also, this will be the first true test of my stream server so let's keep our fingers, talons, feathered digits and/or eyes crossed and hope it all runs smooth.

And with any luck, I'll have Megas XLR, Firefly and the real original Get Smart ready to broadcast soon.  Now if I can just find my sliders dvd's...
Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
12:19 pm
The Star Wars rp group will love this line..
"When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy."
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
12:29 pm
Oh, lovely.
Can someone tell Rita that I'll re-buy my lot as soon as SL decides not to be a jackass and let me log in? Apparently with the rolling restart (as it is the only explanation I can come up with) it messed with the settings of my parcel and set it to PG.

I didn't want flying on my land but apparently it was causing trouble for people, so Rita reset it.

Unfortunately either logins are disabled and they're not telling us, or it's freezing at the login screen. Can someone please let her know not to return my items to me? I *will* re-buy and such as soon as SL plays nice.

EDIT: "Inventory system unavailable" appears to be the reason, but that can't be right, as they already DID that maintenance a few days ago. Ah, so it's SL throwing a tantrum. Ok then.

Cheers --- Xymbers

Current Mood: restless
Friday, May 16th, 2008
9:41 am
Cape Suzette featured in MetaverseMessenger

Starts on page 10. Nice little write up. I feel bad for anyone who teleports there looking for the airfield though, as it's been moved to Sunweaver Air now.
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
11:55 am
Freeloading wolf
Last night, I downgraded my SL account to Basic. In the "why are you downgrading?" form, I told them that after 1.5 years of nothing being repaired and 6 weeks of back to back weekends where nothing worked, they weren't providing a service worth paying for. I really let them have it in the comments.

I will continue to rent on the islands. I"m not quitting SL yet - I love you guys too much to leave. But I'll be damned if I pay extra for such a shoddy product. If I was Phillip, I'd hide my face in shame. An occassional weekend fault, I can stand. But nonstop failures? After HOW many years? Sorry, but I've been very very patient thus far, and my patience has run out. And looking at the blogs, it appears a full blown exodus is in the works with people abandoning their land enmass.

Current Mood: angry
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
8:19 am
Island changes
If you haven't heard, there is major change coming to the island. Rita has created a mockup of the new arrangement on the dance floor of Cutlass - take a look if you haven't already.

Since we have no room to grow where we are, the islands are going to move to an 8x8 group elsewhere on the grid. There will be four private islands laid out in an L shape. Two will be void sims, though a renter for one of the voids has not yet been found. The public islands will be four sims with a 5th void sim in the middle between them.

You won't need to do anything as far as links. And the islands themselves won't change; only where the islands are in relation to each other. Also, since there was no demand for the third private island, it will move to the public area.

I'm not sure of the schedule for this. But I'd expect it in a couple of weeks.
Sunday, April 27th, 2008
6:18 pm
First game a resounding successs!
I'd say the first game session was a resounding success! Everyone had fun! Next game will be May 10, 11am SL time!

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, April 26th, 2008
11:38 pm
This was a triumph...
... making a note here, huge success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

The temp star wars session went Really Well. It went from probably 8:30 to 11:30, and in the span of 3 hours, the PC's visited a bar, got arrested, and thrown in jail. With very little to work with, they used their cunning to escape an Imperial prison, took out 6 storm troopers and escaped. Unfortunately, one PC died, another nearly died, but was stabilized by the swift action of the two remaining PCs.

And we all learned that stormtroopers take very poor care of their weapons. Two managed to have their blaster carbines explode in their face.
3:59 pm
Star Wars RPG on SL
Hi, everyone. I'm going to be running a bi-weekly (on Sundays) Star Wars campaign on SL. I'm going to be using the old (but reliable, and easy-to-use) West End version of the game, and the ability to use voice-chat is a must. I've got a good number of people interested, and signed up, but unless something changes by 5PM SL time tonight (7PM central) (having a pre-game get together to finalize characters, explain rules, etc.) I'm sort of expecting a good number of early-signer-uppers to be a no-show.

So if you're interested, and have the means to participate, send me a tell in world.
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
3:22 pm
Sunny's mentioned in SL newspaper

It's a very nice piece and showcases how we build together. I like it. Too bad I can't buy a hard copy at B&N :)
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
10:53 am
Feral: Thursday night
I would like to stream "The last hero on Earth" into Feral on Thursday night, about 6:30SLT. Let's all sit back and relax and enjoy Tom Smith's brilliant musical superhero comic book.

Thanks Windy for giving me the idea last night. Heheh.
7:21 am
Good Morning Sunnys

is this thing on? mike check, one, two, three.

Good Morning all :)
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
8:49 pm
Ok, First post, so, might as well make it relevent. Can someone bug Jenni to come by here and use this to organize the club dj's/contests?

Oh, and, anyone have good contest ideas? I'm thinking we're due for genies again ;)
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